Warehouses - Swedsteel

Project Description

The main task is the most optimal use of the space in case of storage needs. Thus large internal height is important in case of this kind of hall buildings to ensure the installation of multi level shelf system. It is an important aspect in case of designing to ensure the free and safe movement of the stored goods and products with devices (manual or automatic) made for loading (eg. forklift).

Logistic centres are usually buildings or building complexes with a ground space of several thousand squaremetres. Their main goal is to serve as a bridge in space or in time between the plac of production and the place of destination and act as an intermediary point for storing. Several criteria have priority that should be taken into consideration during designing. It is important to guarantee industrial doors or docking doors for the transportation vehicle to easily approach the building. It is a further significant aspect to take the vehicular tracks inside the building into consideration and thus ensuring the running of smooth activities.

Project Details

Large halls