Our company pays highlighted attention on giving its partners and customers complete and comprehensive support. We offer a complete service pack to our products and systems that includes professional aids and technical background, also transportation and logistics and help regarding questions of construction.

Price offer

Preliminary, informative offer

Are you thinking of building a hall? You have particular idea about size, function or appearance, but you don’t know where to start? Send us your data, your sketch-plan, or fill our offer form out. Our technical colleagues will contact you and will prepare the preliminary price offer according to your demands.


The preliminary price offer is referential regarding the technical parameters. According to the precision of the requirements of the authorities and the technical description of the hall buildings, the price offer can be estimated or precise. The first step of the realization of the building is to entrust a designer, who prepares the building permit drawings according to concerning requirements and the price offer can be finalised based on the drawings.

We are happy to suggest designer offices with professional experience and references.

Precise, detailed price offer

If you have precise plans (or at least building permit drawings), technical description, or a bill of quantities or punctual consignation and would like price offer for particular products, send us your data and you will get the price quotation.

If possible we examine other alternate, but more economic and efficient technical solutions, structure and product options and will make a price offer for the alternate options as well.

Our goal is to serve you with the best suiting most customized products and solutions with the most optimal price-value ratio.

Technical consultancy

Professional support and technical information can be necessary anytime from the first idea to the finishing – professionals of the Swedsteel team are at your service!

We are waiting for your request on phone or e-mail.

We are offering on-site, personal consultation if there is a demand for it at the construction site or at your office. Contact our colleague on any of the given availability!

Designer contacts, suggestion of designer offices

It is really important to work with the appropriate professionals in case of building or reconstructing a hall or any other building. It is possible to ask for preliminary price offer and make estimated budget, but the first official step is to get in contact with a designer with appropriate authority and, who knows the relating rights and technical requirements. The designer prepares the plans for unique demands with precise calculations on the necessary level (preliminary sketch, building permit drawings, final construction drawings). In most cases we do not have the time and the energy to keep the contact with every character of the process. It is recommended to work with general designer and constructor companies.

We offer the most suitable designer according to your demands owing to our widespread designer network.

Suggestion of construction company

It always has to be emphasized that choosing a construction company with appropriate professional competence is really important. The best and most detailed designer plans and the best quality building products on-site are good to have but worth nothing if the construction gets into inappropriate hands.

We are willing to help you by recommending construction companies that have appropriate technical experience, reference works (quantity and quality) and adequate equipment and qualification and legitimacy to realize the exact project.