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Lightweight steel hall buildings with the most up-to-date production and installation technology for any demand.

Learn more about the residential products of Swedsteel made from Swedish steel!

Swedsteel residential products

Modern standing seam flat sheet, traditional tile effect sheet and rainwater system

The residential products of Swedsteel combine the durability and long lifetime of the industrial products while satisfying the higher demand for aesthetics. We manufacture our roofs and rainwater system under the same high level of quality standards, as our industrial products. It guarantees reliability for at least half a century, with a 20-50 years of warranty. The installation of our products is fast, easy and economical. We specifically recommend them for roof renovations, since it can be installed on any roof type, in certain cases without dismantling the original cladding (eg. slate).

Learn more about the broad range of colour and shapes, that can be matched with every architectural idea.
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