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About us


Sweedsteel hall structures are designed and built with the main aim to satisfy perfectly the special construction needs. The customer’s and investor’s needs as dimensional, functional, aesthetic and insulation needs as well as the technical requirements basically determine the …the final construction of Swedsteel halls.

The lightweight steel basic material and building technology allows to satisfy the special construction needs in a large or in several smaller halls. The flexible construction solutions can provide the most optimal designed structure, that’s why there are no limits for spans or geometrical dimensions of the building. Horizontal and vertical internal partitions are also realizable without any problems because of the free variability of sizes (width, length, height) and construction. The absolutely freedom of structure dimensions provide really unlimited horizons; any hall can be built without size limits from a few hundred to thousands square metres.
Any business or other function can be realized by Swedsteel halls with short-construction time, high quality, economical implementation and long lifetime.