Large halls - Swedsteel

Large halls

Lightweight steel halls – qualitative, durable, economical solutions for unique needs

Large size freedom – from 1000 m2 up to more 10 000 m2
Wide functionality: industry, commerce, logistics, agriculture and services
Custom-design according to unique needs
Aesthetics, architectural freedom

In recent years, a significant change of attitude has happened regarding investors in the building trade, as they – thanks to that they want to create a new company or even they just expand their businesses – want a new building to be built.

Swedsteel lightweight steel halls
Swedsteel lightweight hall systems, thanks to the continuous professional development, serve the required economic, functional and technological needs on the highest level. Thus, Swedsteel technological innovations and customized solutions meet the builders’ specific needs and expectations.
As a result, investors, designers and contractors also enjoy working with this complex, yet highly diverse system solution.

  • Steel base material: high strength, durability, eco-friendly, reusable, universal building material
  • Unique, professional design: optimized for high capacity, secure yet economical structures
  • Wide range of roof and wall cladding products, wide range of architectural appearance, function tailored, economical and professional solutions
  • Lightweight, quick assembly technology: fast execution, time-saving solution, simple and easy maintenance

Thanks to the fact that Swedsteel halls have an engineering and architectural design – where structure systems and sub-systems are reasoned, variable and flexible – it helps the harmonious integration to the future function of the building.
The main company offers a wide range of primary steel frame systems, roof and wall cladding systems and other components. The customer’s needs, the future building’s use, the installed technology, environmental aspects, aesthetic demands and technical and safety standards define the final technical results of the hall building.
The optimal space concepts, such as span and interior height, can be realized with Swedsteel structures. Both the vertical and horizontal sizes of the structures can be formed arbitrarily, since regarding the hall dimensions (width, eave-height, length) there is no restrictions. The company staff at Swedsteel – getting to know the builders’ and investors’ specific needs and requirements, the building’s function, size, colour, location and other possibilities – make the best and most optimal offer regarding the building.

If required, – regarding the assembly of the building, finishing works, the building takeover – they provide assistance through partner companies performing quality work in close cooperation.

Steel primary load-bearing frame
In all cases, Swedsteel load-bearing steel frames are designed to satisfy not only customers’ needs (function, dimensions, façade appearance, colours etc.) but the technical requirements as well (insulation requirements, fire safety etc.). Various architectural appearance and flexible design is available, thanks to the steel base material and the developed statics and structural systems.

The primary load-bearing structure is a rigid spatial system what made up of sequenced and braced planar frames. The main types of primary frames:

  • Hot-rolled steel profile (IPE, HE, RHS profiles) primary load-bearing elements which need simpler manufacturing technology; they are preferred in case of smaller hall systems
  • The cross-sections of the frame are welded, plated I-girder, the height is changing along the length according to the internal forces. These structures provide the most optimal and economical solutions in case of larger halls
  • The trussed frame structures also ensure lightweight, optimized systems. In these structures the truss has a larger structural height which effects on the building function. (e.g. internal height).

Further primary load-bearing structural solutions are e.g.: two- or more-hall structures, halls with crane, multi-storey buildings etc. Basically any architectural and functional ideas and requirements can be realized by Swedsteel structures.

Roof- and wall cladding
The simplest roof- and wall cladding is the one-layer, non-insulated, self-supporting trapezoidal covering. The base material of the trapezoidal sheets is high strength, got-dip galvanized steel with external coloured polyester cover. The one-layer cladding system is needed in the case of building function without long term human residence. Important to know wetness can appear on the internal side of trapezoidal sheet due to the internal and external temperature and humidity values differences (condensation). If it doesn’t interfere with the building function (e.g. in case of a stone storage hall) the wetness doesn’t cause problems, but the appropriate ventilation must be provided in the hall. If we want to prevent the condense water dripping in order to protect the stored products and materials there are two possibilities; can be applied one layer underlay foil under the trapezoidal sheet or the profile can be ordered with a special pre-glued anti condensation felt layer on its internal side. The felt layer can absorb and hold the condense water as a sponge while it get dry by the ventilation.
In case of insulated industrial, commercial or agricultural halls the most optimal and economical solution is applying pre-fabricated sandwich panels. The panels are available with several insulation material (PUR/PIR foam, mineral wool), colour and armouring thickness depending on the temperature, acoustic, and fire technical requirements.
In case of standard architectural appearance the wall panels are placed vertically and the roof shape is gabled; this is the simplest, most optimal solution. The several variations of appearance is provided by the wide range of panel and trapezoidal cladding colours.
The main elements of the lightweight building or cladding system (primary and secondary-load bearing elements, low- and high profiled trapezoidal sheets, sandwich panels) are not enough to build up a complete hall. The lightweight structures need a lot of further accessories, additional elements and products what ensure the global complexity of the building. Finally the complete hall can be in compliance with the functional and technical requirements and regulations for a long time. (water-, air tight, ventilation, fire protection, etc.)

These important accessories are the raingutter system, fasteners, flashing items, sealing profiles, insulating strips, underlay foils, etc. Swedsteel company can also insure a wide range of accessories.

Application areas of Swedsteel hall buildings

The most efficient systems in technology are proved to be the flexible and easy-to-adapt ones, just as in nature. Hall buildings serving the expected function on the highest level according to the unique demands of the investor based on the quality, the technical and customization characteristics of Swedsteel products whilst fitting the rules and directions of security, technical processes of the relating regulations and water diversion, heat and sound insulation, vapour-tightness, air-tightness, acoustics, fire protection and load-bearing parameters.

The production and construction of the hall buildings are done according to unique specifications settled in plans, technical advices and quotation. The load bearing structure, the roof- and wall cladding, the accessories bring the idea of the investor, customer into effect regarding the shapes, sizes, and function, load-bearing and also in the colour of the cladding.
The size of a hall building with Swedsteel does not have limits practically: ground space from a few hundred square meters to several thousands, even ten thousand square meters.

Hall buildings as examples to help with ideas and further designing and planning with sample design plans and preview videos for different purposes, such as production, warehousing, logistics, commerce, agriculture or sports.