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Agricultural halls and livestock buildings

The wide range of Swedsteel agricultural and food halls, meet all the specific sectors’ needs. The activities of the agricultural sector require function-optimized buildings as the most important aspects are the serving of the function and the optimal use of the building. It is essential for crops, livestock, machines and process technologies to ensure the right space and environment, in addition to meet the regulatory, technical and administrative requirements. Besides the function, these aspects above come to the front when it comes to design, as well as the different thermal, vapour, ventilation and loading requirements. Agricultural activities usually establish a claim to building structures and sub-materials, so in this case, an optimal solution needs to be found. For example, the single layer trapezoidal sheets of the grain storage halls, is produced with a vapour tight foil on its internal side, so that condensing or other kind of vapour can’t be formed, preventing the crop from being wet and damaged.
Of course, the interior space’s natural or mechanical ventilation is essential for the foil to be able to dry out within a short time. Or as far as livestock buildings are concerned, it is extremely beneficial to exploit natural light, which can be easily done by using economical lighting elements in the roof.

The quick and simple execution, the weather independent assembly, the dry mounting technology are all the features that a lightweight hall can have, helping customers to adapt their conception to the seasonality of agricultural activities.


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