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Car showrooms

Car showrooms

The car salons and showrooms are meant to demonstrate the shape, colour, image and quality of car brands. Therefore, regarding these showrooms, architectural appearance and aesthetics are the key aspects. At the same time, of course, the daily operations and associated activities (sales, service, warehouse, logistics, material handling, etc.) are very important as well.

It is essential to organize areas in an obvious arrangement, as all parts of the car-buying process take place in the same place, which requires functional separation and the realization of the areas according to different demands. The presentation and buying area requires unique and attractive design, on the other hand, repair rooms and stores need to be very function-orientated and economically designed.

These demands and complex requirements can be satisfied by Swedsteel lightweight hall systems. For car salons, steel structures give a perfect solution as they consist of slim and elegant elements, which provides the needed interior height, and it is environmentally friendly as they can be recycled.

The wide range of cladding systems (sandwich panels, sinusoidal and trapezoidal sheets, façade portals) and rich colours provides the unique and individual appearance of the building.


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