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Industrial halls


Industrial production hall

The industrial production and factory halls – in addition to serving the unique needs – are designed for production and work technology, taking optimized space efficiency and cost-effective operation into consideration. Swedsteel halls perfectly support the plants’ daily routines and production activities, while they serve the sub-activities – for example supplier, packaging or transport activities – in the most efficient way. In addition to the main activities, it’s important to be able to place administrative and business activities (offices, meeting or conference rooms, educational rooms, etc.) as well as social functions (changing rooms, showers, toilets, medical room, dining room, etc.)

They can be installed either in the large hall, using partition structures, such as partition walls and mezzanine floors, or even a separated office block can be built as well. These workspaces should be work together in an economically efficient way. The size and structure of the Swedsteel load-bearing steel frames, while being optimally designed, take space, activities, technologies and installed machines (bridge crane, rotary crane, trucks etc.) into account. The natural illumination of the hall can be solved with specific roof lighting systems such as different lighting domes. In addition to that, the excellent heat and sound insulation of the hall is guaranteed by the appropriately chosen roof and wall sub-systems. These features not only increase the comfort level but result in low operating and maintenance costs.


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