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Sport halls and gyms

Swedsteel halls – with their wide range of structural and architectural freedom of design and easily customizable size – give you the perfect solution for gyms, city halls, school gymnasiums and bigger sport complexes as well. The system provides high degrees of design freedom from a few hundred square metres up to tens of thousands square metres halls with optimal solutions. The large open spans and internal dimensions ensure the smooth running of the recreation and public education activities. Swedsteel halls, made of lightweight steel technology – with its sub-structures, such as secondary load-bearing systems, roof and wall systems – can be ordered in countless variations from simple to complicated appearance as well. As a result of the function, it is especially important to have a good sound and heat insulation, which can be easily achieved by using the hall system elements as they mean relevant technical and structural solutions. The high level of thermal insulation can be guaranteed with the on-site mounted, pre-fabricated sandwich panel cladding systems. Because of its beneficial sound absorption, using a special inner side perforated steel sheet on wall panels is a popular solution.

In addition to the construction of new halls, the expansion or renovation of existing buildings are quickly and easily feasible thanks to the lightweight technology, the variety of base material and coating systems, the wide range of load-bearing systems, and last but not least, to the engineering and technical services.


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