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Warehouses, logistics and commercial halls and centres

In case of commercial, warehouse and logistics halls, flexibility and design freedom are considered to be significant aspects. Swedsteel halls can give place to high warehouses, single, double or multi-storey warehouses, as well as large open space, typically large in size logistics centres. Meanwhile, regarding commercial and service halls, flexibility gives the major advantage.

The business, corporate needs and goals determine the type and size of the perfect halls. Besides, internal storage and stock functions, with the help of using mezzanine floors or partition walls, additional rooms can be created such as offices, customer service rooms, store rooms, load-out areas and other features, keeping the high thermal insulation and acoustic demands in mind. The future buildings can be easily suited to the on-site several functions: elegant, comfortable business space, shopping areas, optimally used sales areas, warehouse and logistics functions, truck inns, sheds, and their stock release can be easily created according to one’s needs. The building system meets the safety and fire safety requirements according to these needs, serving the investors and owners satisfaction. The warehouse and logistics activities, daily routines can be easily described in the designing period, furthermore the space, spatial and material handling needs can also be designed perfectly. Thus, all parameters of the hall could be absolutely customized with a foreseeable cost and with a simple and quick execution. The short time execution, the dry, bolted connections, weather independent assembly technology provides rapid returns on investment and quick takeover to the building owner.


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