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The main elements of the lightweight building or cladding system (primary and secondary-load bearing elements, low- and high profiled trapezoidal sheets, sandwich panels) are not enough to build up a complete hall. The lightweight structures need a lot of further accessories, additional elements and products what ensure the global complexity of the building. Finally the complete hall can be in compliance with the functional and technical requirements and regulations for a long time. (water-, air tight, ventilation, fire protection, etc.)

One of the most important elements of a lightweight structure building are fasteners (e.g. bolts, screws) what are applied for the structural connections. Under the fasteners of the self-supporting cladding there is EPDM rubber plate (hot-dip galvanized steel base material with coloured cover) what ensure the appropriate sealing for the contacts. During determination of the suitable screw or bolt is very important to take into consideration the base material, plate thickness and strength of the connection components.

In case of double-skin cladding systems the application of appropriate underlay foil is depends on several conditions: e.g. building function, roof slope angle, ventilation solutions, load-bearing structures, etc. Temperature and humidity calculations are needed to ensure the right technical and functional operation of the structure; beside of this choosing the most suitable underlay foil is very important part of the process.

Further important accessories are the sealing profiles whose main tasks are to insure the right water-, air- and vapour tightness of the cladding connections. There are special sealing profiles for every cladding elements as sinus profiled, low- and high trapezoidal sheets, sandwich panels.