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Swedsteel Swedish steel roofs – high quality roofing!

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Swedsteel, the new Hungarian producer of roof and wall cladding systems, whose engineers and owners are the members of the lightweight steel industry market since decades.

Its roof products are produced with state-of-art production technology with high efficiency in Hungary. 

We offer traditional tile effect roofs and modern standing seam flat roofs as complete roof systems for our partners and customers.

Elegant traditional tile effect sheet roofs

Modern, minimalist, exclusive flat sheet roofs

Why shall I choose sheet metal roof for my house?

The construction and technical properties of the steel roofs are far better compared to any other traditional roof cladding solution. It is not a coincidence that it is used in certain areas (industrial halls, commercial buildings, bridges etc.) where the reliability and endurance of the product should meet high expectations. It is also considerable that the residential use is wide spread in the Nordic countries, where long-term construction has long tradition as well as weather conditions require more advanced technology.

Steel roofs made of the right quality raw material and the appropriate production technology – like Swedsteel roofs – offer extremely long lifetime and 100 percent reliability against weather impacts. In addition, its favourable physical properties make the construction work far easier and faster, resulting in lower costs and thus reasonable prices.

Although steel roofs have numerous advantages, its spread has been slowed down by being attached to the traditions: the well-known tile roofs are very popular and we are less familiar with alternative solutions. The classic appearance of tile effect roofs and the modern flat roofs of Swedsteel offer a broad range of possibilities and aesthetics.

Why shall I choose Swedsteel Swedish roofs?

Swedsteel has a 20-30 year warranty for its roof cladding systems. The long term warranty is due to the premium quality: Swedsteel produces its products from Swedish steel raw material and cutting-edge production technology.

The pillars of Swedsteel’s premium quality

High quality raw material

  • The thickness of the raw material determines the long-term functionality of the product. It should be at least 0.5 mm – the roofer or tinsmith can easily check it for you
  • The yield strenght of the steel core is responsible for the lifespan of the product. High resistance, long life products should be at least S250, but rather S280 or S350 yield strengths.
  • The zinc layer on the steel core is responsible for the protection against corrosion. Z275 – the quality used by Swedsteel is the best one on the domestic market. If the zinc layer is thinner the roof will rust or damage sooner.
  • The colour coating provides an extra protection while determining the aesthetic appearance. The combination of the layers and overall thickness is also important: should be a minimum 25-45 ym.

State-of-art production technology

  • The roof claddings are produced on state-of-art, precisely calibrated automated production lines, whether it is tile effect or pre-seamed flat sheet roof.
  • Control of the production process: the dimensions accuracy and the tolerances are checked in several steps of the production process.
  • Specially designed connections and overlappings (eg. in case of tile effect roof the double watergroove design) – ensured water tightness.
  • Fully automatic packaging machine will make fast and efficient packaging around the palettes that protects the products during storage and delivery.

Additional producer services

  • Components of a system: all the necessary roof accessories that are required for a complete roof – foils, fasteneres, insulation, roof safety, roof ventilation elements, etc.
  • The quotation is tailor-made for the specific building with engineering support thus providing greater accuracy.
  • Fast production, which means a short deadline from order to delivery.
  • 20-30 years warranty depending on the type of the raw material
  • Kivitelezői és tervezői ajánlások: olyan szakemberek, akikre nyugodt szívvel bízhatjuk magunkat és értékes tulajdonainkat.

Advantages of advanced technology

The new technology, using the experiences of the domestic and regional market of the last 20 years, is a guarantee of better engineering thus a more precise production and product. The unique double water-groove design on the products allow better water tightness to maximize the reliability of the roof. More advanced technology means more cost-effective production, thus making the prices of the products affordable.

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Swedsteel tile effect roof


If you are looking for a nice, classic shaped roof and fall in love with the safety and benefits of steel, and you are also convinced with the shape and aesthetics, choose the Swedsteel tile effect roofs! Swedsteel roofs offer the best-known tile pattern in the region, its appearance fits perfectly with detached houses, and farmhouses or larger public and industrial buildings as well. Its great advantage is its small weight, its fast construction and extraordinary durability. Owing to its small weight, it is not necessary to over-dimension the load-bearing structure, it can even be applied (in certain cases) to roofs without disarraying the existing cladding. As it is produced in large boards, its construction is fast and the length is tailor-made for the specific roof, there is no, or only limited waste is created. It resists all the extreme conditions that characterizes today’s weather, such as snow, ice, wind and other stormy conditions. Its colour coating is extremely UV-resistant, thus the colour fastness is also guaranteed. Broad range of colours and various surface finishes can be ordered according to the demands.

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Swedsteel standing seam flat sheet roofs



If you are attracted to an elegant, modern and truly contemporary architectural style, your roof is the Swedsteel flat roof. It gives a clean and elegant geometric pattern owing to its special watertight joints – so-called standings seams – as parallel lines to decorate the roof. Its applicability is extremely wide, owing to the two different production and construction methods. It can be made by professional tinsmiths on-site and every dreamt shape can be achieved whether it is a curve, a breakthrough, a roof window, or a terrace.
The other product with easy-to-install technology can be “clicked” together on the roof owing to the new, modern manufacturing technology. This means more economical and quicker construction and ideal for simple roof forms. Standing seam flat roofs are becoming more and more popular due to the penetration of minimal architecture on family houses, condominiums and office buildings. At the same time, alongside the postmodern style, it is very popular among public buildings, historic buildings and local governments. Let’s just think over: hundreds of years ago, such roofs were used to cover castles, historic buildings, churches, which still have the tarnished appearance. Aesthetics, long lifetime and durability cannot be more justified. These products are available in a wide range of colours – everyone can easily find the best match of their own taste and home. It is also more and more common to use this product as a façade decorative element. The architectural style can only be limited by the imagination: the roof can be either soft, white or characteristic black, or any other of the more than 20 different colours.

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Swedsteel rainwater system
The rain gutter system represents a tiny part of a construction, but also a renovation, thus the selection of the right quality gutter is often neglected. Yet the gutter system has a direct and indirect role to play in the conservation of the building. The wetting of the façade or the plinth can cause serious problems in the case of poor quality or poorly designed, constructed rainwater system. Swedsteel along with the premium quality roofs offers complete rainwater system with aesthetic look in many different colours. All the element are manufactured from high quality, two-sided colour coated, at least 0.6 mm thick raw material.
What are the advantages of the two-sided coating? Its main purpose is not the aesthetics, but the enhanced durability. Swedsteel has a 50 year guarantee on the two-sided Caracol rainwater system, which is a fundamental guarantee of quality. Caracol rainwater system fits perfectly with all buildings and roofs and owing to its wide range of elements and fittings, the drainage system can be well planned. Its shape and colours are appealing, and if you want a real jewellery for your home, you should consider choosing such a colourful and high quality product.

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Swedsteel roof renovation
In the case of renovation, it is worth thinking in the Swedish steel roofs, as it has numerous beneficial attributes. Compared to traditional roofing, as the concrete and clay roof tiles, it has considerably lower weight (only 45 kg / m2 instead of 30-50 kg / m2). This allows the product to be mounted in most cases without reinforcement to the existing support structure. Thanks to the design of large boards, it is extremely fast and economical to install, minimizing waste. In case of slate roofings, it is possible to put directly onto the old covering, so demolition of the slate does not mean any additional costs. Most of the old slate roof materials contain polluting and hazardous asbestos, and their removal is extremely costly. However, the old cover material, which is covered with the new cladding is protected from external environmental impacts and has no health risk. With over 20 different colours and a wide range of profiles, it is ideal for any shape and colour.

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